Frequently asked questions

A web call is similar to a WhatsApp or a Skype call. We have support centers which are integrated with PRI or VOIP calls, PokeTM enables business to manage their calls via PokeTM Webcalls with a Webcall support centre application.
Your have a trail period of 15 days to use the application, post trail period it is chargeable
Moment you register your company profile, you will get a login which has the information of the API package. Download the package and embed it to your website or mobile app. Please click here to refer help manual.
Yes you can embed a welcome message, message when all your support agents are busy. Please click here to refer help manual.
Yes all your calls with your customers are recorded.
All calls gets recorded for your analysis. The usage of space to store your call recordings can be managed by you. The space alloted by default to your account depends on the PokeTM plan you have choosen. The Calls can be downloaded or moved to your desired location. If you want to store the recordings which exceeds the default alloted space, you can buy extra space. Please write to support@poketm.com if you need more information.
This features is not available at the moment but it would be enabled soon.
No PokeTM cannot be used for emergency calling.
Please refer to our pricing menu or contact us via email or click Poke button to talk to us now via PokeTM Webcall POKETM
Appart from the PokeTM application cost no other charges are applicable. There are no per call cost